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Acts 26:9-21 Congregational Vitality (Hoffacker)

You've been doing fifteen miles over the limit. You didn't notice, but the officer did. The sinking feeling you experience on this occasion is bad enough, but it's nothing compared to what Paul feels on the occasion of his conversion. A better name would be the Most Frightening Experience of His Life.

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Acts 19.1-7 The Baptism of the Spirit (McLarty)

The Prompter is the person who stands in a little recessed compartment at the front of the stage. He prompts actors if they forget a line. All they have to do is glance down at the prompter, and he'll give them the help they need to play their part. The Spirit is our Prompter.

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Acts 17.22-31 Critical Differences (McLarty)

In Athens Paul makes his appeal, not to a Jewish audience, but to the most learned, well-educated, sophisticated scholars of the day. Their response is telling: They're cordial. But here's the catch: They have no interest in committing themselves to any higher authority than the gospel of enlightenment.

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Acts 17:22-31 Practicing Resurrection: Worship (Butler)

What might it mean to live our lives like Easter is more than one day of the year . . . to be transformed by the miracle of resurrection every single day. Helping us explore the possibilities is Diana Butler Bass’s book Christianity for the Rest of Us, in which she identifies several “signposts of renewal”

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Acts 17:22-31 To an Unknown God (Anders)

G. Campbell Morgan sums up Paul's message this way, "If you really want to find God, do not degrade yourselves in erecting images of gold and silver. Listen to the deepest fact of your own being; be silent in the presence of the mystery of what you are; and then look out beyond to that unknown God whom I declare to you."

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