Children’s Sermon

1 John 5:9-13

What to Believe

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1 John 5:9-13
What to Believe

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: A gavel (optional).

When we see something happen, especially something that surprises us we all see it in a different way. If I asked you to describe what happened you may tell the story differently from others who saw the same thing.

Suppose you were with a group of kids who saw a boy fall off of his skateboard and hurt himself. An adult came along and asked what happened. You might say the boy was going too fast and fell off. Another kid may say he hit a bump in the sidewalk and fell off. Yet another might say he bumped into a person who was passing by and fell off. You would all notice different things about the accident.

If I asked you to describe the boy who fell you might say he had blond hair and wore glasses, but another person may remember it differently and say he had brown hair and wore a helmet.

When you describe an accident you are giving testimony. It is the same kind of thing that happens in a courtroom before a judge. What people say (the testimony) may or may not be true because they see things differently.

The Bible tells us that “if we receive the witness (testimony) of men, the witness (testimony) of God is greater”(5:9). The Bible teaches us that what we hear from other people may not be clear, but what we learn from God is always true.

God’s message is love. As we read the Bible and pray, we learn about God’s love and accept that God’s testimony is true. His words are something we can count on. They are true. Believe it.

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