Children’s Sermon

1 Kings 19:4-8

The Work of an Angel

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1 Kings 19:4-8

The Work of an Angel

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested, but not required: Running shoes, water bottle.

Photo of Boston Marathon available at:

How many of you have run in a race? Did you go a long distance? Did you become tired? Did you get thirsty? Did you finish the race?

One of the most famous races is the Boston Marathon which is a twenty-six mile race. (Give the children a point of reference by describing the distance from one town to another in your area or some similar example.)

Thousands of people (26,000) come from all parts of the world to run in the Boston Marathon and a half million people line the roads to watch the runners race by.

The fastest runners complete the race in a little over two hours; others run for several hours to finish the race.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to run that far? The runners are extremely tired at the end of the race and they must feel as if they have used up every bit of their energy.

In the Bible we read of a similar thing happening to the prophet, Elijah. He had done a lot of hard work; the Lord’s work, and the wicked queen Jezebel was after him, wanting to cause him harm.

Elijah ran to get away from her. He journeyed a great distance and became very tired and discouraged. He stopped to rest under a tree. The story then goes on to tell us that an angel brought him a cake cooked on a hot stone and fresh cool water. How refreshing that food and water must have been.

Perhaps you have faced problems and, for one reason or another, you became tired and discouraged. You may have felt as if you had run a marathon. Perhaps someone helped you at that time – brought you water or tea or something good to eat, comforted you and made you snug so you could sleep. Doesn’t that sound like the work of an angel?

We can all do the work of angels when we see someone in need and care for them with simple acts of kindness.

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