Children’s Sermon

1 Peter 2:2-10

Building Our Spiritual House

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1 Peter 2:2-10
Building Our Spiritual House

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A shingle, a 2 x 4, or other building materials used in home construction.

Photos of a house under construction available at:

Have you ever thought about what steps must be taken to build a house?

You start with a strong foundation made of stones and/or concrete. Then you frame the walls and roof using sturdy studs and beams. You nail on sheeting to cover the walls and put in strong glass windows. (Show pictures.)

You cover the roof with a durable material to keep out rain and snow. You may build a fireplace with a chimney that goes up through the roof. You hang thick doors and then finish the inside of the house so it will be attractive and comfortable. All of this building must be done in just the right way so the house will be solid and strong.

When the building is complete the house becomes a home where we feel loved and safe.

Listen to these words from the Bible: “You also…are built up as a spiritual house…” (2:5). What do you think this means?

Yes, a spiritual house has to do with your spirit. How do you build a strong spirit – the part of you that knows how handle difficult things, the part of you that feels happy and loved and safe?

You begin to build your spiritual house by accepting God’s love. That gives you a strong foundation.

Then you strengthen your spirit by praying and studying the Bible. You will learn things about God’s love that make you sturdy in your spirit.

Your spiritual house (your spirit) becomes a beautiful home where you feel safe and loved.

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