Children’s Sermon

1Timothy 6:6-19

Everything We Need

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1Timothy 6:6-19

Everything We Need

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Does anyone know what it means to be greedy? When we are feeling greedy we just want more and more and more of something. It could be more toys, more candy, or more money. We think, “If I could just have this or that then I would be happy.”

The problem with being greedy is that things are not very satisfying. A new bike or a new necklace, or a new video game can’t hug us when we feel sad or compliment us when we do something good. We need people who love us to do that.

Imagine a kid who loved cake so much that he would not share his birthday cake and ate it all himself. Afterwards he probably felt sick from eating too much cake and he missed a chance to let other kids be a part of the celebration. His greed kept him from enjoying his friends.

The Bible says, “Some have been led astray from the faith in their greed…” (6:10). Remember that greed is when a person always wants more and more––and is never satisfied with what they have. Greed can take us away from what is really important. When we focus on things, we may forget about loving others and forget about God.

The Bible teaches us that we need to learn to be content with what we have. Most of us have enough to eat, we have clothes to wear, and we have a place to live. Most of us have persons who love and care for us. We really have everything we need. When we realize that, we feel content and the Bible tells us that contentment is a good thing (6:6).

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