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2 Timothy 2:8-15


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2 Timothy 2:8-15


By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Various types of chains

Photos of anchor chains available at:

During the Christmas season have you ever made paper chains to decorate the Christmas tree? If you have, you know that a chain is made by linking loops together.

Can you think of other examples of chains? Yes, a key chain. Key chains come in many different styles. Usually small metal loops are connected and attached to a larger loop that securely holds all kinds of keys.

Bicyclists may use a chain to attach their bike to a post. This is a way to keep the bike safe while they are away.

Some chains are very small and are used to hold a jewel or a locket in place. Gold and silver chains make lovely necklaces.

Other chains are much larger. Think of a chain link fence or a chain that is used to anchor a boat.

Chains are used to fasten or secure something so that it stays in one place.

In today’s Bible lesson we learn that the apostle, Paul was put in prison for preaching the Gospel – telling other’s about God’s love, and we learn that he was chained so he could not get away.

Paul says even though he is chained like a criminal he will bear it all so that others may know about God’s love. Paul goes on to say, “But God’s word isn’t chained” (2:9).

When we speak about God’s love, nothing can hold it back. God’s love goes out into the world and changes the lives of those who hear it and accept it. God’s love is a gift to each one of us. God’s love has the power to teach us many things: How to honor and respect, not only God, but ourselves and others. God’s love is not chained. Nothing can hold it back.

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