Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 1:1, 10-20

Not Enough

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Isaiah 1:1, 10-20
Not Enough

By Richard Niell Donovan

What do we do when we come here to worship God?  Do we sing songs?  Do we read from the Bible?  Do we take up an offering?

Yes, we do all of those things.

But God wants us to do even more.  

• God wants us to love him.
• God wants us to love one another.
• God wants us to help each other.

It’s good to come here to worship God.  It’s good to sing songs that praise God.  It’s good to read from the Bible.  It’s good to take up an offering.

But God says, “learn to do good.”  He says, “Help people when they need help.”  He says, “Take care of widows and orphans.

And then he says, “When you do those things, I’ll know that you really love me.”

Copyright 2016, Richard Niell Donovan


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