Children’s Sermon

Matthew 14:22-33

A Helping Hand


By Lois Parker Edstrom


Small bicycle, skates, swim suit

You may not remember how it was when you learned to walk. First you crawled, later you took steps holding onto someone’s hand, and finally you were able to walk by yourself.

You may have learned how to ride a bike in much the same way. First there are training wheels on your bike and an adult helps you learn how to balance. As you continue to practice you are, at last, able to steady the bike and ride without the assistance of others.

There are certainly times when we need the help of another: learning to skate or swim, and going down a steep slide for the first time.

Learning anything new can make us feel a bit fearful. We can also feel frightened when we encounter something we don’t understand. At those times we may need someone to lean on; someone to hold us up until we and have become familiar with the new activity and are strong enough to do it on our own.

Jesus spoke to his disciples, teaching them about this very thing. His disciples were in a boat, far from land, when a strong storm came up and battered their boat. The story tells us that “Jesus came to them, walking on the sea” (14:25).

The disciples did not understand what was happening and became very frightened. Jesus said, “Cheer up! It is I! Don’t be afraid” (14:27).

Jesus “stretched out his hand (and) took hold of” Peter, one of his disciples who was trying to reach Jesus as he came toward the boat.

When you feel frightened it may help to remember that God is with us, always. “Cheer up! It is I! Don’t be afraid.”

Scripture quotations from the World English Bible

Copyright 2008, Richard Niell Donovan