Children’s Sermon

John 20:19-31

A Word of Peace

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John 20:19-31

A Word of Peace

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: A world globe. A poster listing the country, language, and word for “peace.” See list below.

Let’s talk about the word “peace.” When you are peaceful you feel relaxed and free from worry.

Where or when do you feel most peaceful? It may be when you are comfortable in your bed, drifting off to sleep. It may be when you sit with a special person and read. It may be when you are running with your friends, or sitting quietly listening to the rain, or lying on your back in the sunshine looking at the clouds.

Before Jesus went to be with God, he appeared to his disciples and three times he said to them,“Peace be to you.” Peace is an important word and an important idea. It is even more important than that; it is something that Jesus offers to each one of us.

Peace is so important that people living all over the world and who speak in different languages have a word for it. Let’s look at some of the words people living in different countries use to say “peace.” (Use globe and locate each country listed as you pronounce and show the children each word. Pick and choose from list below.)

France French Paix
Germany German Frieden
Israel Hebrew Shalom
South Africa Zulu Ukuthula
Spain Spanish Paz
Netherlands Dutch Vrede
China Mandarin He Ping
Egypt Egyptian Hetep
Denmark Danish Fred
Italy Italian Pace
Japan Japanese Heiwa
Australia English Peace

We could list many more examples, but the important thing to remember, however we pronounce the word, is that Jesus gives us the Spirit of Peace. Find times during your busy days to think about God’s Spirit of Peace which is with us always.

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