Children’s Sermon

Acts 10:34-43

We Are Witnesses

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Acts 10:34-43

We Are Witnesses

By Dell Smith Klein

SPECIAL VERSE: All the prophets testify about him, that through his name everyone who believes in him will receive remission of sins. (Acts 10:43 WEB)

OBJECT: Binoculars; Holy Bible


Have you ever seen something very important, or very beautiful; something you’ve never seen before? (Give children a moment to respond) Adele did. Her father had binoculars like these. (Show binoculars – explain that a person can see far-away things through binoculars)

Adele lived on a ranch, and one day as she looked through the heavy binoculars belonging to her dad, she saw an American Bald Eagle. She could see the big bird’s white head and tail as he made loops and flew above a hill near her home. When Adele told her parents about seeing the eagle, they suggested that maybe she had seen a big hawk. At school the next day, Adele told her teacher that she had seen an eagle. But the teacher said there were no eagles in their part of the state because Eagles only lived at higher elevations.

Adele knew she had seen an eagle. No one could convince her she had not. I think that she did see an eagle.

In our Bible story today, Peter was visiting with Cornelius. In fact, Cornelius had invited some people to his home, to meet Peter,

At Cornelius’ home, Peter began to speak to the crowd of people who were waiting for him. He made it clear that Jesus came, not just for the people of his country, but for all the people of every country of the world. In one part of his message, Peter said, “He (Jesus) is Lord of all.” (vs. 36)

Peter also said, “We are witnesses.” He meant that he and the other apostles had seen Jesus––had seen him with their own eyes. He, and the other disciples, saw all the good things Jesus did when he was on earth. He and the other disciples knew that Jesus died; they had seen him. And the most important part, Peter said he and the other disciples ate and drank with Jesus after he rose from the dead. (vv. 39-41)

Like Adele, who saw the eagle as a child, and no one could convince her she had not seen the eagle, the same was true of Peter. No one could have convinced Peter that he didn’t know what he was talking about. Peter had seen Jesus living and helping people. He had seen Jesus dying on the cross. Peter had even seen and talked with Jesus after he rose from the dead. Peter stood up for what he saw. He said, “We are witnesses!”

Today, we have the Holy Bible. Remember, Adele looked through binoculars like this (Hold up binoculars), and was able to see the eagle and no one could convince her she had seen anything other than an eagle.

We can be glad that people like Peter, and some of the other followers of Jesus, told about Jesus in this book. (Hold up Bible.) They knew the truth because they had seen Jesus. They shared what they saw with us in this book.

Let’s Pray.


Heavenly Father, thank you for people like Peter who boldly said, “We are witnesses!” We are thankful, too, that Peter’s story is told in the Holy Bible. Help us to read our Bible and learn more about you. Amen.

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