Children’s Sermon

Acts 19:1-7

The Hero

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Acts 19:1-7

The Hero

By Lois Parker Edstrom

You may have seen the baptism of an adult or child. Perhaps you have been baptized yourself. Today let’s talk about baptism and what it means.

Water is a symbol of God’s Spirit. When a baby is baptized it means that the baby’s parents intend to raise the child as a Christian. It is a way of showing others that they are serious about teaching the child God’s lessons and laws. It is also a time when other members of the church and the child’s family pledge to help and support the parents as they raise that sweet child.

When adults and older children are baptized they make, what we call, a public confession of faith. You say what you believe to be true. It is like someone asking you, “Who is your hero?” And you would answer, “Jesus is my hero. He is who I follow. I try to be like him.”

We learn from today’s Bible story that Paul met with other disciples and these disciples “… were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus” (19:5). After they were baptized “the Holy Spirit came on them” (19:6). God’s Spirit entered their lives and became a part of who they were.

It is good to have heroes, but Jesus is more than a hero. He is holy and when we accept His Love, his Spirit becomes a part of who we are. We are baptized in his name. We are changed by His Spirit. We follow his example and do our best to be like him.

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