Children’s Sermon

Acts 2:1-21

The Language of Love

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Acts 2:1-21
The Language of Love

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Do you know anyone who speaks a language different than your own? What happens when you try to talk with a person who does not speak your language? Yes, you have trouble understanding each other.

I’ve asked some people from our congregation, who speak other languages, to demonstrate how this works. (Use this time to have foreign speakers talk to the children and each other, then translate what has been said. This could consist of greetings, common phrases, or familiar Bible verses.)

Learning a foreign language is difficult. You must listen carefully to what is being said and trust, at some point, you will understand.

When God sent His Spirit to be with the people of this world the Bible tells us that those people “were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak with other languages, as the Spirit gave them the ability to speak” (2:4).

This happened in Jerusalem and the people there were amazed because persons from other lands spoke to them in their own language. Can you imagine how surprising this would be? They understood each other because God’s Spirit had given them the ability to do so.

We may not be able to speak other languages, but we can learn how to understand each other. God’s Spirit teaches us to learn to listen, trust God and feel his love. When this happens we are able to reach out to others, as God gives us the ability. Listen and trust! God’s Spirit gives us the language of love.

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