Children’s Sermon

Acts 3:12-19

Source of Our Power

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Acts 3:12-19

Source of Our Power

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: A pinwheel. A craft activity could be added if circumstances permit or, prior to the lesson, make pinwheels to give to each child. (Caution, stick may be a safety hazard to young children.)

How to make a pinwheel
Pictures of windmills

I’ve brought a little pinwheel with me today. This one is pretty, all red and white. Do you know how it works? Yes, to make it spin you must blow on it. The more you blow, the faster it goes.

This pin wheel is like a miniature windmill. If you’ve ever seen a full sized windmill in action you know that it’s quite exciting! Here are pictures of windmills you would find on a farm and also an example of a windmill in Holland. (Show pictures.)

Windmills are beautiful structures, but they also do important work and, just like this small pinwheel, they need wind to make them move. When wind hits the blades of a windmill it causes the blades to turn – the wind gives the windmill power so it can move water and provide energy. Sometimes windmills are also used to grind grain.

The lesson for today teaches us about where our power comes from. Peter and John, disciples of Jesus, healed a man who could not walk, using the power given to them by Jesus. All who saw what happened were surprised and amazed.

Peter said to the people, “Why do you marvel at this man? Why do you fasten your eyes on us, as though by our own power or godliness we had made him walk?” (3:12).

Peter tells the people gathered there that he does not have the power to heal the man by himself; the power came from Jesus. This applies to all of us. Just as a windmill needs wind to give it energy and power, we need the love of God to fill us with joy and energy and power so we can do important, good work. God is the source of our power.

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