Children’s Sermon

Acts 8:14-17

Getting Off to a Good Start

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Acts 8:14-17

Getting Off to a Good Start

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: A small toy car.

The disciples of Jesus (his followers) heard that people in another country had accepted the word of God; they had become Christians. Peter and John, two of Jesus’ disciples, traveled to be with these new Christians and to pray for them.

Perhaps Peter and John did this to get the new Christians off to a good start.

Let’s think about that idea in this way: Imagine that you are racing little toy cars with a friend. You want to make sure your car is in good condition, no broken parts. You want to point it in the right direction and see that the wheels are lined up just right. You want to set the car at the right angle and give it a little push to get it started.

There are many things to learn when you start something new, even when you become a Christian. We are told Peter and John prayed for these new Christians and “…they received the Holy Spirit” (8:17).

I think kids know a lot about the Holy Spirit – God’s Spirit that lives in us. Let’s talk about that. God’s Spirit listens to our prayers and helps us know right from wrong. It teaches us about God’s love and how to share that love in the world. The Spirit brings us joy and causes us to give thanks for all of God’s gifts.

Peter and John prayed for these new Christians, that they would learn and grow and get

a good start. Accepting God’s love, studying the Bible, praying and giving thanks are ways to get to a good start in our own lives. Get ready, set and go!

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