Children’s Sermon

Jeremiah 18:1-11


Another Chance

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Jeremiah 18:1-11


Another Chance


By Lois Parker Edstrom

From the Bible’s book of Jeremiah, we learn that many, many years ago, God was displeased with a certain group of people. They went their own way, doing what they wanted to do. They did not listen to God’s advice for living a good life.

God was getting ready to punish them, but decided to give them another chance to change their ways and stop their evil behavior. God told them: “amend (change) your ways and your doings” (18:11).

Just like those people of long ago, God gives each one of us a chance to improve the way we act and speak after we have made bad choices. Aren’t you glad we are given a chance to make things better?

When we hurt someone, by our words or actions, we need to do what is necessary to help that person heal. Imagine that you spoke harshly to your little brother or sister and made that person cry. What could you do to make that situation better?

A sincere apology is a good way to begin and maybe a hug. To show your brother or sister that you are really sincere, perhaps you could bake that person’s favorite cookies, read a favorite story, play a favorite game, or take him or her for a walk. I think the person who had been hurt might feel loved and begin to feel better.

At last, we need to learn from our mistakes; recognize that words, as well as actions, can hurt. We have an opportunity to work to improve the way we talk to others, striving to always be kind.

Be thankful that God gives us a chance to improve our behavior and make things better.

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