Children’s Sermon

Matthew 18:15-20

Being a Problem Solver

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Have you ever done something that was not so nice?

It’s hard to admit, but I bet we can all think of times that we haven’t been as kind as we could have been. And I bet you can also think of times that others have been unkind to you.

So here’s a question: What should we do about it?

That’s a pretty easy question when we’re the ones who are wrong, isn’t it? What’s the right thing to do when we’ve been unkind in some way? (Apologize – and change our behaviors.) But what about when others are unkind to us?

What’s the best way to solve that problem? (Solicit children’s answers)

Sounds like you have some very good problem solving skills!

In tonight’s Gospel Jesus teaches a lesson about problem solving in our relationships with others – and what he suggests sounds similar to some of your ideas.

Jesus says that when others have sinned against us – and done something unkind – that the first thing to do is have a talk with them. Most of the time when you have a problem talking it over can get things fixed, can’t it?

If that doesn’t work, maybe we need to some help? Sometimes asking a friend or two can really make things better.

And when none of that works, sometimes we just need to take a break – don’t we?

Sounds like your ideas are a lot like Jesus’ when it comes to solving problems. Keep those good ideas in mind this week, OK? Let’s pray.

Dear God,

Help us to be kind to others and to be good problem solvers, following in your path, when we face problems with others.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.