Children’s Sermon

Matthew 25:1-13

Blessings of Surprise

By Lois Parker Edstrom

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Green flash

Few people have ever heard of the “green flash” and even fewer have seen it. It is an event that happens just as the sun is setting. At the exact moment the sun drops out of sight beyond the horizon, there is a sudden flash of brilliant green, right in the middle of the red and orange colors of the sunset. It is an exciting, surprising sight.

The green flash is caused by colors of sunlight being bent by the earth’s atmosphere. Conditions must be just right for the green flash to happen. You will have the best chance of seeing it on a clear day. You must stand overlooking a wide expanse of ocean, facing west toward the setting sun. (Don’t stare at the sun. Wear sunglasses and look away until the sun is just about to disappear.)

In the Bible Jesus talks about being ready for a surprising event. He tells a story of ten bridesmaids waiting for the bridegroom to arrive. Five were prepared with plenty of oil to light their lamps and five were not. The bridegroom was delayed and arrived during the night. The five that were prepared went with the bridegroom to the wedding banquet. The five that had to go to buy more oil missed the arrival of the bridegroom and missed the party.

This story reminds us to be ready for Jesus’ return to earth. Jesus says, “… you don’t know the day nor the hour…” (25:13).  The return of Jesus will happen as a surprise. We don’t know when this might happen, but we can be ready to accept the blessings of the surprise.

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