Children’s Sermon

Colossians 3:1-4

Things Above

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Colossians 3:1-4

Things Above

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Each and every day, we get to choose what we will think about and we get to choose how we will think about certain things. That’s pretty exciting. You, and only you, are in charge of your thoughts.

Some people get discouraged because they think about things in a negative way. Imagine that it’s raining. Some would say, “Oh, what a bad day. Now I can’t go out to play. The sky is gray. I’ll get all wet. I feel awful.”

Another person might see the rain and say, “Oh, I love how the rain sounds as it patters on the roof. Look at the beautiful raindrops! See how they sparkle in the light. There may even be a rainbow. I think I’ll go out and walk in the rain. Maybe I’ll even jump up and down in a puddle. What a wonderful day. I feel so happy!”

Some thoughts can cause you to feel frightened and that is not a good feeling. It is kind of like having a bad nightmare. There are times when it is necessary to feel frightened, but often we frighten ourselves by the way we think. We imagine we see something in the dark that’s not really there or perhaps we see something on TV that is very troubling. We can choose to think about those scary things in a different way too.

The Bible has good advice. Listen to this verse. “Set your mind on the things that are above…” (3:2). The Bible teaches us to think about the things of God. Think about God’s love. Think about all the ways God shows his love to us. Remember that God’s Spirit is with us.

Don’t choose to fill your mind with scary movies or TV programs. Don’t let the language of others make you feel discouraged. You have control of your thoughts. Set your mind on good thoughts, high thoughts that bring you joy. Expect the best…

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