Children’s Sermon

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

Coming Back

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Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32
Coming Back

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Boomerang, if available.

Pictures of boomerangs available at:

A boomerang seems almost magical. It is a curved piece of wood that is thrown into the air and when it is thrown correctly the boomerang sails back to the hand of the thrower. (Show boomerang or picture of a boomerang.)

A boomerang was probably the first “heavier than air” flying object created by humans. As you can see, it has two arms or wings that are connected at an angle. Because of the way the boomerang is curved, air travels rapidly over one surface of the wing and creates lift, causing the boomerang to soar into the air.

The boomerang spins when it is thrown and it flies in a curve rather than in a straight line. That is why it comes back to the person who threw it.

Boomerangs are fun and require skill in learning how to throw them correctly. People compete in contests to see how far a boomerang can be thrown, how long it stays in the air, and how close it comes back to where it started. There is even a World Championship competition.

The outstanding thing about a boomerang is that it comes back.

Jesus teaches us about this idea of coming back. He tells a story about a man who had two sons and divided his property between them. The younger son took what his father had given him and traveled to a distant country where he wasted everything he had. He didn’t even have enough money left to buy food and he became very hungry.

This younger son decided to go back to his father, tell his father that he had sinned (made a big mistake) and ask his father to forgive him. His father did forgive him and even prepared a feast in his honor.

The lesson for us is that when we sin (make a big mistake) we can come back to our Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness. We can also go to the people we have hurt, tell them that we are sorry, and try to make things better. Curve your life so you know how to come back and say, “I’m sorry.”

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