Children’s Sermon

Matthew 26:14-29

Doing Wrong and Doing Right

By Dr. Carol J Miller

Jesus went into Jerusalem–– into the city where his enemies waited for him. But they could not find out where Jesus went at night. During the day the crowds protected Jesus. If his enemies tried to arrest him then, the crowds wouldn’t let them. Night was the only time when the crowds were not with Jesus. But how could Jesus’ enemies ever find Jesus at night?

Then something happened. One of Jesus’ twelve disciples went to Jesus’ enemies! His name was Judas. Does anyone know why Judas went to see Jesus enemies? [Respect all answers].

Listen to what Judas said. He said, “What will you give me if I tell you where Jesus is?” Well! Jesus enemies were surprised! They hadn’t expected this! Judas knew where Jesus went at night. What did Judas want Jesus’ enemies to give him for this information? [Accept all answers]. He wanted money. They gave Judas 30 pieces of silver—a lot of money.

Judas was a weak man; John tells us that Judas used to steal money from the little bag of money Jesus and the disciples used to buy food. Judas loved money.

When Judas realized that Jesus’ enemies would probably give him money for leading them to Jesus, he went to Jesus’ enemies to ask for money.

That night at dinner, Jesus told all the disciples that one of them would betray him to his enemies. The disciples couldn’t believe it! Who could it be? But Jesus knew who it was.

This was the dinner where Jesus took bread and tore it and said it was his…. [What did Jesus say the bread was? That’s right, his body. Then he took a cup and told the disciples to take it and drink. Jesus said it was his…. who know what Jesus called the wine that night? That’s right; his blood]. Jesus was saying that he was giving his life, giving himself so the people would see just how much God loved them. God gave his own son. That’s a lot of love!

There were two people that night that we need to look at. The first person was Judas. Judas said what will you give me? He was thinking only about himself; he wanted to be given money to buy stuff, so he did the wrong thing.

The second person was Jesus. Jesus didn’t take. Jesus gave. Jesus gave his whole self because God loved the people and wanted them to know it. Jesus did the right thing. Two people: one greedy and wrong; one thinking of what others needed—he was giving and he was right!

Scripture quotations in this children’s sermon are Carol Miller’s paraphrases.

Copyright 2013, Richard Niell Donovan