Children’s Sermon

Luke 9:51-62

Don’t Look Back

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Luke 9:51-62
Don’t Look Back

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object needed: Pictures of Canada Geese. Pictures available online at:

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Have you ever noticed wild geese flying in a v-shaped formation? They do that because it is the most efficient way for them to travel. The goose at the tip of the vee feels the wind’s force the most, while the others are more protected. When the lead goose gets tired from flying in the foremost position, another goose moves in to take a turn.

Wild geese, like many other types of birds, migrate. They fly to warmer climates when the temperature drops, snow covers the land and the lakes freeze over. They fly back to northern locations as the temperatures begin to get warmer. They migrate so they will be in a place that provides them with adequate food and good nesting areas. Birds have an internal clock that tells them when to start their migration, and they have amazing ways to stay on course. They use their eyes to check for landmarks like rivers and mountain ranges. They navigate by watching the position of the stars and sun. Some birds even have tiny grains of a mineral (magnetite) in their heads that allows them to navigate by monitoring the earth’s magnetic field.

Migrating birds must eat to build up fat in their bodies so they will have energy for the long journey. Once they start their migration, they do not look back. All their effort is focused on getting to their destination.

When Jesus came to live on earth, he had a purpose. All his energy was directed toward God’s plan. He did not look back, but did what was necessary to reach his destination. He counsels us to do the same.

The Bible tells us that as Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem, he told a man to, “Follow me!” (9:59). Once we have set our course to follow Jesus, we need to be committed to our faith and do what is necessary to be the person God wants us to be. Like migrating birds we must stay on course and focus on our destination.

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