Children’s Sermon

John 6:1-21

Enough for Everyone

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John 6:1-21

Enough for Everyone

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Today I thought we might stop for a moment to think about the people we love. Take a minute to think of the most important people in your life. Who do you love? Are you thinking of them?

Raise your hand if you thought of your mom and dad. How about your brothers and sisters? Grandparents? Cousins? Maybe some very special friends?

When I think of the people I love the most – those people I care for most deeply in my heart – those are the people I think of first. We don’t usually describe ourselves as

“loving” everyone we know – because that’s what makes love so special.

But God’s love is different. God has enough love for us all.

Think of what that means! As people we can’t even hope to know everyone – much less love them all in a deep and special way. It’s just not possible. But God’s love is bigger than anything you can imagine…and it never runs out.

I always think of that when I hear this week’s Gospel story. As you might remember from the past few weeks, Jesus has been performing miracles and the crowds of people around him are growing larger and larger. Everyone wants to see him. But today the disciples are getting worried.

A huge crowd of people has gathered and it doesn’t appear that there will be enough food for them all. All they have is five loaves of bread and two fish – which doesn’t seem like it could possibly feed them all. But Jesus asks that they be fed and much to the disciples’ surprise the food not only feeds the entire crowd, but the leftovers turn out to be more food than they had to begin with! It was another miracle.

This story always reminds me that when it comes to God’s love there’s enough for everyone – even when loving everyone seems like an awfully big job. God loves us all. Don’t forget it.

Can we pray?

Dear God,

Though there are many people in the world, we know that your love is big enough for us all. Thank you for watching over us.


Copyright 2009, Dr. Dan Wuori. Used by permission.