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Exodus 16:2-15


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Exodus 16:2-15


By Lois Parker Edstrom

Have you ever gone on a road trip with your family? Riding in a car with your parents and brothers and sisters can be a lot of fun. You get to see new and interesting things, eat different kinds of food, have time together to play games and sing songs…..

Sometimes, however, you can get bored riding in a car for long periods of time. You may say, “I’m tired.” “I’m hungry.” “How much longer?” “Are we there yet?” “Mom, sister has her foot on my side of the car.” Does this sound familiar?

In the Bible we find a story about the Israelites, a group of people who were on a long journey. They had been slaves in Egypt and Moses was chosen by God to lead these people to a better land.

It was a very, very long journey. They were tired and did not have enough to eat. They began to grumble and said to Moses, Why did you bring us out here in the wilderness? We are going to die of hunger.

“Then Yahweh (the Lord) said to Moses, ‘… I will rain bread from the sky for you, and the people shall go out and gather a day’s portion every day…'” (16:4).

The story tells us that is exactly what happened. Each morning the Israelites found “a small round thing, small as the frost on the ground” (16:14). They said, “What is it?” (16:15).

“Moses said to them, ‘It is the bread which Yahweh (the Lord) has given you to eat'” (16:15).

This miracle taught the Israelites to be patient and have faith that the Lord would help them.

How difficult it is to wait and be patient, especially when we are tired and hungry. We want what we want right now!

Patience is learning how to hold back our complaints even when we are uncomfortable and annoyed. A sure sign that we are growing up and becoming a thoughtful person is when we learn to be more patient. Gather enough patience for each day!

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