Children’s Sermon

Exodus 20:1-17

10 Commandments

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Exodus 20:1-17

10 Commandments

By Dell Smith Klein

KEY VERSE: Exodus 20:1a — I am Yahweh your God.


Do you have rules in school? Can you name some of them? (Allow the children to respond with their rules. Be prepared with these rules: Follow directions. Be respectful of yourself and others. Complete work on time. Stay on task. Cell phones off in classroom. Raise your hand if you have a question. No talking in the hallways. Always do your best.)

How about at home – do you have rules at home? Can you name some of them? (Be prepared with these: No TV until homework is done. Make your bed every morning. Wash your hands before eating. No answering phone at mealtime. )

Long ago God gave us 10 rules. We call them “The 10 Commandments.”The 10 commandments are important rules to live by. The first four rules show us how to behave toward God. The next six rules show us how to behave toward each other.

Those first four rules remind us that God is who we worship, that we’re not to worship idols, we not to misuse God’s name, and that God set aside one day each week so we can go to church, and think about him.

Those last six rules explain the way to behave toward other people. One says we are to honor our parents. That means we are to be kind to them and obedient. One rule tells us that we aren’t to hurt other people. Another says that married people are to be faithful to each other. There are important rules about stealing and lying and telling bad stories about other people. The last one reminds us not to want someone else’s belongings.

I am so grateful that God gave us The 10 Commandments in his book, The Holy Bible. Through learning God’s rules, we discover how to behave toward God, and how to behave toward each other.

PRAYER: God, thank you for your rules, The 10 Commandments. We are glad you want us to learn how to behave toward you and how to behave toward each other. Help us remember your important rules. Amen.

Copyright 2012, Richard Niell Donovan