Children’s Sermon

Exodus 7-9

The Lesson of Consequences

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Exodus 7-9

The Lesson of Consequences

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Two inexpensive buckets or other similar containers – a functional one and one that has had holes drilled in bottom.

Let’s talk about consequences, a big word that may be new to you. A consequence happens as a result of a choice that is made. An example: If you choose to do your homework you are prepared to go on to the next step – a good consequence. If you choose not to do your homework, you fall behind and will not be as prepared for learning new things

– a bad consequence.

Let’s think about consequences in a different way: A bucket is a useful thing. It allows you to carry water to plants or animals that may be thirsty – a good use for a bucket.

What would happen if we were to drill holes in the bottom of this bucket? Yes, the water would drain out and we would be unable to carry water to the plants or animals that need it. The choice to drill holes in the bottom of the bucket is a bad choice; a choice that ruins the bucket and has an unfortunate result or consequence. (I’ve used water as an example, but grain or other substances could be used so the children could actually carry the functional and then faulty bucket to experience the consequence.)

An example of bad choices and bad consequences is found in today’s lesson from the Old Testament. The Israelites were God’s chosen people and they had been held as slaves in Egypt for a long time. God sent Moses, and his brother Aaron, to Pharaoh (the king of Egypt) with a message to “let the children of Israel go out of his land”(7:2).

Moses and his brother went to the king several times to ask that he let the children of Israel go and each time the king refused. Each time the king refused, there were terrible consequences. God sent plagues – such as hailstorms and overwhelming numbers of frogs, lice, and flies that covered the land.

Finally the king said, “I have sinned…Yahweh (God) is righteous. I will let you go…” (9:27-28). The king of Egypt had to experience dreadful consequences, several times, before he learned about God’s power and righteousness.

As you learn and grow, be thoughtful. Make good choices and get good results.

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