Children’s Sermon

John 17:1-11

Finishing the Work

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John 17:1-11

Finishing the Work

By Lois Parker Edstrom

OBJECT SUGGESTED: A copy of the painting (Mother and Child, 1888) by Mary Cassatt as indicated below.

Art of Mary Cassatt (Mother and Child, 1888)
Pictures of Mary Cassatt’s artwork

Mary Cassatt is an artist who lived in the 1800s. Although she never married and had no children, she liked painting pictures of mothers and children. Here is an example of one of her paintings. (Show copy of Mother and Child, 1888) See how close the mother and child are to each other? The mother holds the child’s hand and kisses her. You can see and feel the love these two have for each other.

Can you imagine this picture if the artist had not included the mother in the painting? Can you imagine this picture if the child was not a part of the painting? No, the picture would not seem complete. The artist, Mary Cassatt, worked on this painting until the mother and child, their expressions, the colors, the light, and the background, are all in harmony. She worked until those viewing the painting can feel what is happening in the picture. It is complete; a work of art. Art like this can be a way of bringing honor to God.

When Jesus was on earth he prayed to God and said,“I glorified you on the earth. I have accomplished the work which you have given me to do” (17:4).

The work that Jesus was given to do while he was on earth was to show us God’s love. He did that in many ways by performing miracles, healing the sick, and giving his life for us. He honored God by remaining here until his work was finished.

We all have special work to do. As you are growing and becoming an adult it is important that you find what it is that you are meant to do. One of your friends may become a teacher, another may own a store. One may become a truck driver, another may be an artist. Through our work we all have an opportunity to honor God.

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