Children’s Sermon

Luke 13:31-35

Finishing Your Work

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Luke 13:31-35
Finishing Your Work

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Examples as mentioned below. A knitting project, unfinished homework, dog or cat dish without food, a withered houseplant.

Let’s talk about why it’s important to finish your work. Suppose your mother asked you to take out the trash and you got as far as the back door and then you left the trash can there. What would happen? Yes, someone might trip and the trash could get scattered around.

You may know someone who is a knitter. What would happen if that person was knitting a sweater for you and decided to stop before the sweater was finished? Yes, the sweater might not have sleeves or it might be so short that it would not fit.

What happens if you don’t finish your schoolwork? Your teacher would be disappointed and you probably would get a marked down grade.

What happens if you take on the responsibility to feed your dog or cat and then forget to do so? Yes, your pet becomes hungry and suffers.

What would happen if your mother forgets to water her houseplants? They would wither and die.

All kinds of unfortunate things happen when we don’t follow through and finish our work.

Jesus was traveling and some Pharisees came to him and told him that he was in danger and that he should leave. Jesus told them that he was healing people and that he wanted to “complete my mission” (13:32).

God sent Jesus to teach us about His love and it was important that Jesus do everything in the way God intended. He wanted to finish his work and he did.

Now, because Jesus finished his work while he was here on earth, each one of us can choose to receive God’s love and carry on his work by sharing His love with others.

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