Children’s Sermon

John 3:14-21

For God So Loved the World…

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John 3:14-21

For God So Loved the World…

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Today I thought we’d talk a little about love.

That’s a word we use a lot – but what does it really mean? What are you saying when you tell someone that you love them?
(Solicit children’s answers.)

Those are all great examples of love.

When you love someone – truly love them – it means that you care so deeply about them that you’d do anything for them. Love is a very powerful thing.

This week’s Gospel lesson contains what might be the most famous verse in the entire Bible. You might have seen its name – John 3:16 – written on signs (sometimes at football games) or bumper stickers.

The reason it’s so famous is that it sort of tells the story of the Gospels in only one sentence. There’s a name for that – we call it a summary.

And John 3:16 is all about love – God’s love for us. It tells about how God showed us his love by giving us his only son. That’s a lot of love, isn’t it?

I thought because it’s so short – and important – that maybe we could recite it together. Would you say it with me?

(Children repeat verse…Note, the verse cited below is from the NRSV translation. Modify to your own translation as appropriate.)

For God so loved the world…
That he gave his only Son…
So that everyone who believes in him…
May not perish, but have eternal life.

Good job. That’s a verse you might want to practice this week. See if you can memorize it!

Can we pray?

Dear God,

Thank you for the love you show us each day.


Copyright 2009, Dr. Dan Wuori. Used by permission.