Children’s Sermon

John 18:33-37

For This I Was Born

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John 18:33-37

For This I Was Born

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Have you heard stories about your birth? Where you were born, what time of day you were born, who the doctor was, or who came to visit you? Perhaps you have seen pictures taken when you were a baby so you know what you looked like then.

Parents like to tell stories about when you were able to use a spoon and begin to feed yourself or when you took your first steps and began to walk. They like to remember the funny and cute things you did.

The birth of a baby is a joyous event. You come into the world as a new person and there is no one else like you anywhere.

Have you thought about the idea that every child is born with a special purpose? Have you thought about what your special purpose might be? You have a lot of time to figure that out. As you grow you will discover things that interest you and give you pleasure. You will learn more about those activities and this will help you decide what you want to do with your life. As you get older you may gain a feeling about God’s purpose for your life.

When Jesus lived in this world and was questioned about who he was and what he had been doing this is the answer he gave:“For this reason I have been born, and for this reason I have come into the world, that I should testify to the truth” (18:37).

From the time of his birth Jesus had a special purpose. He said that the reason he came into the world was to help others understand the truth about God. That is the greatest purpose.

Take time to think about what your special purpose may be. You have gifts and talents that are God-given. Learn what they are and use them to share God’s love and truth with others. You too can say, “For this reason I have been born.”

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