Children’s Sermon

Genesis 2:4b-25

Garden of Hope

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Genesis 2:4b-25
Garden of Hope

By Lois Parker Edstrom

OBJECTS SUGGESTED: Fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers. (This lesson could be expanded to include a project of planting lettuce seeds or other fast growing seeds in small containers.)

The Bible teaches us that this wonderful world we see and know came from God.
We read in the Bible that after God created the heavens and the earth, he “planted a garden …” (2:8).

“Out of the ground God made every tree to grow that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food…” (2:9).

Gardens are very special places. They are not only beautiful; they provide food to nourish us and keep us healthy.

If you’ve ever pulled a bright, orange carrot out of the ground, washed it off and eaten it, you’ve experienced a special taste treat – so sweet and crunchy.  And, to run your fingers through the soil below a potato plant and find the potatoes that have grown there seems magical.

This Bible story also tells us that God planted herbs.  Herbs are the plants that give flavor to food.  I’ve brought some along.  The mint will smell very familiar to you.  These chives smell like onions.  And this is a sprig of rosemary.  Does it remind you of spaghetti or pizza?

Then there are the flower gardens that dazzle us with their beauty.  Smell this rose.  Isn’t it heavenly?

I believe Bible stories teach us how to live a good life. A garden is a lesson about hope. When we hope we look forward to something good happening. It could be ice cream…  It could be a visit from a friend…  What are some of the things you hope for?  When we plant a seed we have hope that a vegetable or flower will spring up and grow.  

You may not have a garden in your yard, but it is fun to plant seeds in a pot on your window sill.  Planting seeds is a good way to experience the hope and thrill of a garden.

Give thanks for the beauty and nourishment found in a garden and let it remind you to always be hopeful for the good things of life.

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