Children’s Sermon

John 14:23-29

God Is Always with Us

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John 14:23-29

God Is Always with Us

By Dr. Carol J Miller

Today Scripture happened just a few days before Jesus died. The twelve disciples were in a room with Jesus. They were telling him that they would not know what to do if Jesus left them. That sounds a little strange to me. I could understand it if they were children; then they would have a reason to be upset. Children need their grownups. Or if a child’s mom or dad was going on a long trip; then I could understand why they might be worried. A child needs a parent, a grown up. But the disciples were grownups. Why won’t they know what to do without Jesus? Why are they upset? Can anyone help me out here? Why are Jesus’ disciples worried about his not being with them anymore? [Accept all answers].

I think that maybe one of the things they were worried about was messing up! The disciples didn’t always understand what Jesus wanted. One time Jesus had told them that children had the right kind of trust in God––children were important. But a few days later, Jesus had to stop the disciples because they were telling parents that Jesus didn’t have time to be with children! They were acting as if children were NOT important. What were they thinking? The Disciples made lots of mistakes like that. Sometimes they just didn’t listen. Other times they thought their way was better than Jesus’ way. So maybe they were worried about Jesus leaving because there would be no one to straighten them out when they messed up.

But I think the big worry was that without Jesus they would not feel close to God any more. They always felt really close to God when Jesus was with them. But without Jesus they would feel all alone. It was hard enough for them to do the right thing when Jesus was right there with them. How would they do it without Jesus; without feeling that God was with them?

Well, that was when Jesus said something that really got their attention! Jesus said that the disciples would not be alone when Jesus left. He said they would still have someone to teach them, to guide them and to help them.

Who could that be? Jesus called him the “Holy Spirit”. Has anyone heard that name, maybe in a worship service [accept all answers]. The Holy Spirit is another way we talk about God. The name Holy Spirit means God with us now. It is God that we feel in our hearts when we feel close to God––that’s the Holy Spirit. It is God helping us to be brave when we want to stop a kid from being mean to another kid. That is the Holy Spirit.

Even though the disciples would no longer be able to see Jesus, they would have the Holy Spirit to teach them and help them. They would not be alone. The Holy Spirit is God with us now. The Holy Spirit was with the first disciples, and the Holy Spirit is with us. We are not alone and the church is not alone. God, the Holy Spirit, is with us! Now that is what I call good news!

Scripture quotations from the World English Bible––or paraphrases by Carol Miller.

Copyright 2013, Richard Niell Donovan