Children’s Sermon

John 14:1-6

God’s Map

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John 14:1-6

God’s Map

By Dr. Dan Wuori

Have you ever been lost? I have – and it can be awfully scary.

Not long ago I was driving to another part of the state and made a wrong turn. Before I knew it, I had no idea where I was.

Luckily I keep some maps – like this one – in my car. Maps show us roads and streets – and can help us get from one place to another, especially when we don’t know the way.

Sometimes we can feel lost in life. Even when we know where we are, we can be confused by problems we face or choices we need to make. Not knowing the right thing to do can make us feel lost inside.

In our Gospel reading today, Jesus is telling his disciples that it is time for him to leave and go to heaven. He tells them he is going to prepare a special place for them there.

But Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, gets worried. He tells Jesus he doesn’t know the way to Heaven. So Jesus gives him a sort of map! He tells Thomas that he is the way to heaven.

Of course, Jesus isn’t a roadmap like we use when driving. He means that following his directions – and living our lives in the way God wants – is the way to Heaven. He’s telling Thomas to lead a good life and to follow God’s rules.

Where can we learn more about God’s rules? God’s most special “map” for us is the Bible. That’s the reason we use it each week to help us “learn the way.” And that way is Jesus. Listen carefully today, and you’ll hear him tell us so.

Will you pray with me?

Dear God,

Sometimes we can get lost in our lives. We are so thankful to have you as our guide. Help us to make good choices this week.


Copyright 2008, Dan Wuori. Used by permission.