Children’s Sermon

John 1: 43-51

Greater Than These

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John 1: 43-51

Greater Than These

By Lois Parker Edstrom


Leaves or small branches of various trees.

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Let’s talk about trees. What kinds of trees grow near your home? What types of trees do you see on your way to school? God has blessed us with many different types of trees. There are evergreen trees such as fir, pine, and spruce. Oak, birch, and maple trees have leaves that turn bright red, gold, and orange in the autumn. Fruit trees give us fruit such as oranges, apples, plums, and cherries.

Now let me tell you about some trees you may not have had an opportunity to see; they grow only in the United States, in northern California. The sequoias, also known as redwoods, are the largest trees on earth and were here long before the birth of Jesus. One is known to be 2,200 years old; others may be older.

The sequoias grow 300 to 360 feet tall – as tall as a thirty-story building. It is difficult to imagine a tree so tall, so spectacular. There are many beautiful trees in our world, but in size, the sequoia tops them all.

In the Bible there is a story in which Jesus says, “You will see greater things than these!” (1:50). Jesus called Philip to be his disciple. Philip then found Nathanael and asked him to come and meet Jesus.

Although Nathanael had never before met Jesus, Nathanael was amazed because Jesus knew things about him that only God could know. Nathanael says, “…you are the Son of God! (1:49).

Jesus tells Nathanael, “You will see greater things than these!” (1:50).

Today we might say, “you’ve not seen anything yet.” Jesus is telling Nathanael that even though he knew Nathanael’s thoughts and what he looked like before they met, greater miracles than this would happen.

Jesus preformed miracles such as healing the sick, causing the blind to see, and feeding five thousand people with a little boy’s basket of seven loaves and fishes. The greatest of all miracles happened after Jesus died when he appeared again to his disciples and then ascended into heaven to be with God.

Today we are a part of this story. We see all around us the beautiful trees and things of nature that God has provided, but “greater things than these” is that God loves us and cares for us. We are his children.

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