Children’s Sermon

Mark 5:21-43


By Dr. Dan Wuori

Have you ever been very sick? Even if it doesn’t happen very often, most everyone gets sick sooner or later.

There’s nothing much worse than being sick – but some illnesses are much better to have than others. Certain things can make you feel awfully bad – and yet if you take the right medicine you can feel much better very quickly. They have a terrific healing power.

This week’s gospel story is about a sick girl that Jesus makes well. Just like last week he performs a miracle and heals her from a terrible illness.

Whenever I read a story about Jesus making someone well, I can’t help but think about the ways that he sometimes does the same for me.

Now Jesus has never come and actually touched my body when I’m sick the way that he does the girl in the story – but when I’m feeling sad (or sick in my heart) I find that praying and reading the Bible helps to heal me inside. What’s more, I find that no matter how sad or grumpy I’m feeling that when I follow Jesus’ example and spend some time doing something helpful for others that my mood becomes happier almost right away.

It’s a little way that I find that Jesus helps to heal me. Maybe you can try it next time you’re having a sad day?

Can we pray?

Dear God,

We thank you for the healing power you bring to our lives. Help us to stay healthy in body and spirit during the week ahead.


Copyright 2009, Dr. Dan Wuori. Used by permission.