Children’s Sermon

Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2

A Cloud of Witnesses

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Hebrews 11:29 – 12:2

A Cloud of Witnesses

By Richard Niell Donovan

In the Bible, it talks about some of the great heroes of the faith––people who loved God and tried to do what God wanted them to do. It talks about the people of Israel, who were trying to escape slavery in Egypt. They were walking through the desert as fast as they could, but the Egyptian soldiers were riding chariots drawn by horses––and were catching up.

Then the Israelites came to the Red Sea, which was blocking their path. They were trapped, and they were afraid. But God told them that he would cause the waters to part so they would have a pathway to escape––and the waters did part. The Israelites saw the pathway with a high wall of water on both sides. They had to decide whether to trust God or not. If the walls of water collapsed when they were on the pathway, they would all drown.

But first one man––and then another man––and another and another––stepped onto the pathway and started walking through the sea. Then everyone followed, and they all escaped.

The Bible says that they escaped because they trusted God. They had faith that God would help them––and God did.

The Bible lists a whole bunch of great heroes like that. It includes the Israelites who captured the city of Jericho after its walls came a-tumbling down. It talks about others who trusted God––Rahab and Gideon and Samson. You probably haven’t heard of all of them, but the Bible says that they had faith in God. They trusted God.

Then the Bible says that we are surrounded by those great people of faith. They are in heaven, looking down at us. The Bible says that we need to get rid of the sins––the bad things that we have done––so that we can run the race of life while those great people of faith look on from heaven––and cheer us all the way.

So the next time you feel like you are all alone, just remember that those great men and women of faith are looking on from heaven––and are hoping that we will do the right thing––and are cheering us on all through our lives.

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Copyright 2013, Richard Niell Donovan