Children’s Sermon

Hebrews 4:12-16


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Hebrews 4:12-16


By Lois Parker Edstrom

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We have a big dog in our family named Lulu. She is a boxer and is a sweet, gentle dog. She loves kids! (Show photo.)

One day Lulu thought she was alone in the house and did something she knew she shouldn’t do. She got into the garbage and spread it all over the kitchen floor.

The father of her family was upstairs, heard a noise and said, “Who’s there?” Lulu raced past him as he came down the stairs, almost knocking him over, and dove under the nearest bed.

Lulu knew she was in trouble. But the father showed mercy. He did not speak harshly or punish Lulu. She felt so guilty she had punished herself.

Mercy is being kind and feeling compassion for another person (or dog), even when they don’t deserve it.

I think this father understood that, at times, we all make mistakes and bad choices.

The Bible teaches us that God loves us and forgives. We are encouraged to pray to God “that we may receive mercy” and find “help in time of need” (4:16).

Admitting that you have made a bad choice, and asking for forgiveness is the first step to feeling better about your mistake. Receiving mercy (kindness and understanding) is a great blessing!

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