Children’s Sermon

Hebrews 5:1-10

The Problem of Perfection

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Hebrews 5:1-10

The Problem of Perfection

By Lois Parker Edstrom

How hard would it be to become a perfect kid? The correct answer is: Impossible! Because we are human we make mistakes, have bad thoughts, are tempted to do things we shouldn’t, and at times, become angry and hurtful to others.

Have you ever tried to draw a perfect picture, build a perfect birdhouse, or jump rope perfectly? People who want to be perfect are rarely satisfied because that is an impossible goal.

We should always try to do our best, but don’t be hard on yourself if you end up making an honest mistake. If you are working on a handmade project and find a mistake that is not easily corrected, look at the bright side. It shows that the object has been handmade instead of by a machine. Sometimes an error can be turned into a surprisingly creative part of the project. It can give you ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

Some dedicated artists, writers, musicians, and other creative people get very close to perfection and when that happens it is a glorious thing, as if God is speaking through their art.

Jesus came to live among us on earth and even though he was tempted and experienced many difficulties he was “made perfect” (5:9). The Bible teaches us that only God is perfect.

Work hard, do your best, but remember that we are human and we make mistakes.

Be gentle with yourself when you fail. God is there to forgive and encourage.

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