Children’s Sermon

John 10:11-18

I Recognize You

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John 10:11-18

I Recognize You

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Wool yarn, a wool sweater.
(If a weaver, knitter, or someone who spins yarn is available, a demonstration would add interest to the lesson.)

Pictures of sheep

Sheep grow heavy, fluffy coats of wool. The wool is sheared off, cleaned, and spun into yarn, then the yarn is used to knit sweaters, hats, mittens, and blankets; items to keep us warm.

A shepherd is someone who looks after a flock of sheep. The shepherd makes sure the sheep have water to drink and food to eat. The shepherd also guards the sheep, keeping wild animals, which might harm the sheep, away from the flock.

The sheep recognize the sound of the shepherd’s voice and follow him. In some countries the shepherd walks ahead of the flock and in other countries the shepherd works behind the flock and with the aid of dogs, directs the sheep and keeps them all together.

The shepherd learns to recognize his sheep. In Biblical times, when the sheep were put into the fold (the pen), they went through a narrow passage way and the shepherd would place his staff (rod) across the entrance to the fold. The sheep had to bend down to get through and while they did that the shepherd had a chance to check each sheep and see that each one was unharmed. It was also a way the shepherd could count the sheep and see that they were all safe.

In the Bible Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd. I know my own, and I’m known by my own”(10:14). He is telling us that he knows each one of us. Just as a shepherd takes care of his flock, Jesus cares for us. We learn about our shepherd and come to know him by studying and reading about his life and also through prayer. Learn to recognize God. He recognizes you. You are loved and in God’s care.

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