Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 11:1-10

The Wolf and the Lamb

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Photo of a lamb

Lambs are adorable. (Show photo) They live with other sheep in what’s called a flock. Sheep are timid, nervous animals. They have very good hearing and become frightened by loud noises. They have no way to protect themselves so they need to be watched over by shepherds.

Shepherds are people who live out in the pastures with the sheep and move them from one feeding ground to another.

Wolves and coyotes are enemies of sheep. The job of the shepherd is to keep the sheep and little lambs safe from these wild animals.

We read in the Bible about a man named Isaiah and he spoke about such things. He was a prophet, a person who speaks about the future. He talked about a time when the world will become a peaceful place.

He said, “The wolf will live with the lamb…” (11:6). How wonderful to think a wild animal would lie down peacefully beside a defenseless little lamb. Imagine a time when all animals and people become peaceful and do not wish to harm each other.

We see fighting at school, arguments in our homes, and countries at war with each other.
We all hope and pray for a time when everyone will be at peace.

When the prophet, Isaiah speaks about peace he is talking about God’s love that comes to us through Jesus. It is through that love we experience peace. Look to the future with hope. Think of a time when “the wolf will live with the lamb…” and we will know peace.

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