Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 25:6-9

Ocean of Tears

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Isaiah 25:6-9

Ocean of Tears

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Is there anyone here who has never cried? No! We start crying immediately after we are born and as babies we cry to let others know what we need. Babies cry because they are hungry, too cold or too warm, have a tummy ache, or need to be changed.

Toddlers sometimes cry when they aren’t given what they want and that makes them angry. This may happen with adults as well and some adults cry when they are very happy.

An onion can make us cry and certain people, who have allergies, cry because of irritants in the air.

So what happens when you cry? Yes, tears rolls down your cheeks. Mostly we cry when we are very sad or have been hurt. When we see someone crying it makes us sad too and we want to help.

The Bible talks about tears and tells us that God “will wipe away tears from off all faces” (25:8). Usually when we cry we want to be comforted. No matter what happens to us we must remember God’s great love and be comforted by that. We are reminded that God loves each one of us with a love that will last forever.

Did you know that our tiny tears are made up of mostly salt and water, similar to water in the oceans? God created both. Let the beauty of God’s creation and his great love comfort you.

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