Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 42:1-9

God’s Light

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Suggestions: Would be helpful for children to see an image of a lighthouse lens.

Lighthouse photos

In today’s lesson we learn that God “delights” in us and that he puts his spirit in us (42:1). The Bible teaches us that God wants us to be fair and that we don’t need to “shout” nor raise our voice to be heard. (42:2).

Sometimes we imagine the louder we speak, the more likely we’ll be heard. We mistakenly think we may win an argument if we shout. As we study these Bible verses we learn that God’s Spirit within us can be a small, quiet thing. A little light burning bright…..

Compare God’s light to the beautiful light that comes from high in the tower of a lighthouse. The light in a lighthouse is focused through a special glass, called a lens, that is cut in a way to make the most of the light coming though it. This light can be seen by ships twenty miles out to sea. It may warn of dangerous rocks or signal that a safe harbor is near.

Light is energy. When we speak of God’s Spirit within us, we understand that to be God’s energy and love. You may have met a person whose face seems to glow with a special spirit – a special light. When they talk, or you see the things they do, you may realize you are seeing the light of God’s love.

Each one of us can choose to accept God’s love, to have that quiet, little spark of light within us that shines out and is focused on being kind and fair with all those we meet.

God made the heavens and the earth. He “gives breath to its people and spirit to those who walk in it” (42:5). God loves and delights in you!

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