Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 58:1-12

Break Forth

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Isaiah 58:1-12

Break Forth

By Lois Parker Edstrom

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Do you wake up early enough to see the sun rise? It is a glorious way to start the day. Sunrise occurs when the sun first peeks over the edge of the eastern horizon. It begins to paint the sky pink and orange and red. The colors spread across the sky and you may feel like thanking God for such beauty.

There is also beauty in helping others and the Bible says, “… your light shall break forth as the morning…” (58:8) when we sincerely want to help others and find ways to do so.

Those who are hungry, lack warm clothes, have nowhere to find shelter need our help.

Can you think of ways to help people who are less fortunate than yourself? Yes, collect and donate food, warm jackets, hats, and blankets. Help in a kitchen where food is prepared for the homeless. Pray for the homeless. Can you think of other ways to help?

Imagine that you have a light inside you that “breaks forth” like a sunrise when you are being helpful. You are a part of God’s creation and you are beautiful. Others see your light and thank God for such beauty.

God says, “Your light shall rise in darkness” (58:10). He is talking about you. When you do something good, you bring light into someone else’s darkness. When you do something good, you make someone’s life better.

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