Children’s Sermon

Isaiah 64:1-9

The Potter

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Isaiah 64:1-9

The Potter

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Modeling clay, potter’s clay, a potter’s wheel. Small packages of modeling clay would be a fun gift for the children. A potter in your congregation who would be willing to talk about and demonstrate the process of making pottery would greatly enhance the lesson.

Images of a potter’s wheel available at:

Images of pottery available at:

Do you like to play with clay? It is fun to roll the clay around to form little people or animals. Shaping a snake is especially easy by twirling the clay between your hands.

Another type of clay, often found along the banks of a river, is used by potters to make beautiful and useful items for the home. They may roll the clay into long coils, like making a snake and fashion it into a bowl or use a potter’s wheel and spin the clay around as they shape it with their hands. (Show images of a potter’s wheel.)

When the potter has formed a pitcher, plate, mug, or vase, it is heated to a high temperature to harden it. These objects are often painted in lovely colors and become beautiful works of art. (Show images of pottery.)

Artists, whether a potter, painter, writer, or musician, feel much joy when creating something of beauty.

The Bible compares God to being like a potter. We read: “… we are the clay, and you our potter; and we all are the work of your hand” (64:8).

What a wonderful image to think of being shaped by God’s hand. Not only are we created by God, but as we study and pray we continue to be shaped by God’s wisdom and love.

You are created by God. You are beautiful! Just by being yourself you bring joy to others and to God.

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