Children’s Sermon

Mark 6:14-29

I’ve Heard about You

By Lois Parker Edstrom


Pictures, as suggested below, or pictures of well-known people and buildings, etc .in your area.

Big Bird pictures
Big Bird coloring pages

Picture of Mother Teresa
Picture of Taj Mahal

Today let’s talk about the word “famous.” Do you know what that word means? It is someone or something that is well-known to a lot of people. Usually these people or things are famous because there is a good quality about them.

A restaurant may become famous because it has tasty food. A building may be famous because it is the largest building in the world or is the most beautiful.

Certain toys become famous because they are so much fun that children in many parts of the world hear about them.

Big Bird from Sesame Street is recognized by many children. We could say Big Bird is famous.

People who become famous could be talented writers, singers, builders, musicians, and athletes. They may be people who have done something brave or devote their lives to helping others.

Many people in the world know about Mother Teresa, a nun who worked to help the poor people of India for over forty-five years.

Let’s hear some of your ideas about people, places, or things you know to be famous.

In today’s lesson we learn that King Herod knew about Jesus and the work his disciples had been doing because Jesus’ “name had become known” to him (6:14). People were talking about Jesus.

Jesus became famous for all the right reasons. He was talented, he devoted his life to helping others, and he did something heroic by dying on the cross to bring us closer to God.

Think about it – After all these years Jesus is still famous today.

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