Children’s Sermon

Matthew 6:25-33

Jason and Kimmy

By Dr. Carol J Miller

This is a story about two kids: Jason and Kimmy. They’re brother and sister. In fact, they’re twins. Are there any twins in your family? [Acknowledge any hands].  Jason really, really likes to eat! He likes all kinds of food: meat, vegetables, dessert, anything! His family teased him because if anyone left food on their plate, Jason would eat it! When their family went out to eat, Jason would take French fries off of everyone’s plate. His favorite food was ice cream. He saved all his allowances for ice cream. Are you like Jason?

Kimmy did not care nearly as much about food as Jason did. Kimmy loved clothes. Every time she went anywhere with her mom, she asked if they could look at clothes. She saved her all allowance for clothes. Kimmy could not get all her clothes into her closet! She had to go to Jason’s room and put some of her clothes in his closet! Is anyone like Kimmy?

Jason and Kimmy’s parents were getting concerned about their twins. They were not happy about the way the twins spent their allowances. Jason did not need so much food. Kimmy didn’t need all those clothes. The twins’ mom and dad saw that Jason and Kimmy were not thinking of anybody but themselves and what they wanted.

One Sunday at church the whole family heard Jesus’ teaching about food and clothes and things like that. Jesus said that we shouldn’t worry so much about food. He said that God feeds the birds of the air––and God will feed us too.

Jesus also talked about clothes. He pointed to the beautiful flowers growing in a field, and said that even King Solomon wasn’t clothed as beautifully as the flowers. Then he said that the God who made the flowers beautiful would also clothe us.

Jesus was saying that life is more important than getting stuff––even important stuff like food and clothes.

Kimmy and Jason began to think. Jesus also said that we should care about people who don’t have enough clothes or enough food. If we want to make Jesus happy, all we have to do is to help someone who needs help.

On the way home from church, Kimmy said that she had been thinking that it was time to go through her closet and her dresser and take out the things she didn’t wear very much. She asked her mom if she could help her take the clothes to their church’s clothing donation room. “I know there are kids who don’t have nice clothes”.

Then Jason said, “I listened at church today, too, Kimmy. I don’t need to eat so much ice cream and other stuff. I want to give half my allowance to the hunger program at church. I know there are kids who don’t have enough to eat.”

Jason’s Dad said, “Now you two know the most important thing: Living like Jesus means caring about other people, not just ourselves. We are glad you are listening and thinking!”

Copyright 2014, Richard Niell Donovan