Children’s Sermon

John 11:1-45

Jesus’ Best Wonderful Thing!

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John 11:1-45
Jesus’ Best Wonderful Thing!

By Dr. Carol J Miller

When Jesus began to teach the people about God, Jesus also began doing wonderful things. These things that Jesus did showed the people what God thought and what God wanted. One of the wonderful things Jesus did was to heal many, many people. People who could not walk, walked. People who could not see, saw. [What does this tell us? What does God want for us? Does God want us to be sick or to be healthy? Respect all answers].

Jesus, by the wonderful things he did showed us that God wants us to be healthy and in our right minds, just like the people he healed. Jesus made friends with people that no one else wanted for friends. [What does that tell us? Who does God love? Pretty, rich people only or poor, sad people too? Respect all answers. God loves all people for all people belong to God. This includes you and me!]

In this story today we hear about the most amazing, stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful thing Jesus did. It was astounding. Do you know what astounding means? It means this [drop your jaw and look surprised]. That’s surprising––super-surprising––astounding.

Jesus did what nobody ever did before and nobody has ever done since. Jesus made a man who had been dead for four days be alive again. Now one thing people have never been able to do is to make someone or something that is NOT alive to BE alive. Giving life is something only God does. [If Jesus could make people be alive, what does that tell us? Where does Jesus’ power to do wonderful things come from? Listen to all answers.] It tells us that Jesus’ power comes from God. Now if Jesus’ power is from God, that means that what Jesus says and does is the way God wants us to live. Jesus teaches us soooo much about God and soooo much about the way we are to live.

One more question: [When Jesus raised the man named Lazarus, what did that tell us? Accept all answers]. It told us that God wants life for us not death. And if God wants life, then the last thing about us is not that we die, the last thing about us is that we live again with God. That’s a lot to think about. It all means this: Jesus came to show us that God loves us, wants us to be well and to belong. And especially, Jesus shows us that God is strong enough to give us life and to love us forever.

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