Children’s Sermon

Matthew 5:1-12

Looking Upside Down

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Snow globe, if available, or use directions supplied below to make one.

Directions for making a simple snow globe

Do you ever stand on your head just for fun? Isn’t it odd how things look a bit different when you’re upside down?

Perhaps you have a snow globe in your home or have noticed one in a store. It is a clear ball that has a scene inside. It may be a Christmas scene with a snowman, Christmas tree or reindeer; or it may be set like a village with trees and stores. Whatever the scene, the fun of a snow globe happens when you turn it upside down. Snow begins to fall and cover the objects in the globe. Everything inside the globe looks a bit different after it has been turned upside down.

We learn something about God’s kingdom, in heaven and here on earth when ideas are turned upside down. We may think that the happiest people are those who win, are strong, are rich, do well, and have everything they want.

Jesus taught his disciples that this is not so. In God’s kingdom these ideas are turned upside down. He said those who are discouraged and sad; who struggle and suffer; who are humble, kind, and try to do the right thing, will be blessed.

This applies to all of us now. Everything is not always the way we wish it to be. We may feel sad and discouraged because of something that has happened. We may experience difficult situations and struggle to do what is right.

Jesus teaches us that when this happens we will be comforted and blessed. This lesson gives us encouragement – cheers us on as we feel “poor in spirit.” Jesus says, “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven.”

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