Children’s Sermon

John 3:14-21

Love and Giving

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John 3:14-21

Love and Giving

By Dell Smith Klein

Kristy Calhoon found out that she was sick…so sick that she would not live very long. People are born with two kidneys, but if one is damaged through illness, the person can still be fine. But both of Kristy’s kidneys stopped working. She needed a new kidney. Kristy’s brother, Casey, was willing to give up one of his so that Casey could live. Casey loved his sister very much, didn’t he? (Allow children time to respond.) Yes, because Casey loved his sister enough to give up one of his kidneys for her, she didn’t die. She lived. So did he.

Our Scripture in the Holy Bible is about God’s love. Let’s talk about John 3.16. That’s where Jesus said, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life” (Verse 16). John 3:16 is a verse that many people learn when they are children. You may already know it. It is all about love and giving.

When we love people we will be kind, generous and caring to them. God certainly loved us, didn’t he? He gave his Son so that we would have eternal life.

God gives us so much. Can you think of some of the things God gives us? (Allow children to respond.) He created us, so he gives us life. He created animals, fish, fruit trees, and vegetables, so he gives us food. He gives us parents, and friends. God gives us so much.

It is good when we love enough to help others. Jesus told his followers, “Freely you received, so freely give” (Matthew 10.8) Can you think of ways you can give to others? (Allow children to respond.) We might share a toy with our brother or sister. We might help set the table, or be willing to put our clothes away. Another way we give is by sharing the story of Jesus.

We probably won’t have to give away one of our kidneys, like Casey Calhoon, who gave one of his kidneys to his sister Kristy, but when we love people, we will be kind to them and willing to give.


Thank you, God, for giving your Son Jesus so that we could have eternal life. Thank you for loving us so much. Help us to remember and help us to learn to give to others who are in need. Amen.

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