Children’s Sermon

Luke 17:11-19


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Luke 17:11-19

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Object suggested: Small journals, one for each child, if possible.

This time of year we talk about things for which we are thankful. It is good to have a day when we can be together and talk about our blessings. But, let’s think about being thankful in a different way – all the time!

Each day we are surrounded by blessings. Let’s think about today. What are some of the things for which you could give thanks?

Did you have hot chocolate for breakfast? How about giving thanks for the taste of chocolate?

Did you wash your hands with hot water and fragrant soap? That’s a blessing.

Have you read a favorite book? Do you like the art work in the book or the way the book feels as you hold it in your hands? Give thanks!

Did you notice the greenness of the grass in your lawn or see a tiny wildflower? What wonderful gifts.

And how about the bird song? Have you stopped and listened carefully to all that lovely music?

Jesus teaches us the importance of giving thanks. After he had healed ten people who were very ill, only one of them thanked him. Jesus asked, “Weren’t the ten cleansed? But where are the nine?”(17:17).

He said to the person who had thanked him, “Your faith has healed you” (17:19).

Being thankful helps you be healthy and happy. Keep a little journal by your bedside. Before you go to sleep each night, list the things you have seen, heard, tasted, touched or, smelled that gave you pleasure during the day. If you need help, ask your dad, mom, older brother or sister to work with you. Your journal of thanks will be a blessing to you and to those around you!

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