Children’s Sermon

Luke 17:11-19

Giving Thanks

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Luke 17:11-19
Giving Thanks

By Lois Parker Edstrom

Objects suggested: Items from nature or pictures of things in nature such as a flower, a seashell, a feather, stones, various fruits or vegetables.

Let’s take some time to talk about being thankful. Most children are taught, from the time they are very small, to say thank you for things that are given to them. When you say thank you it lets the giver of the gift know that you appreciate their kindness and are grateful for the gift.

Can you imagine being given a wonderful gift and forgetting to say thank you? That would seem rude, wouldn’t it? Yet many of us forget to thank God for all the wonderful gifts we are given every day.

What are some of God’s gifts that you enjoy? Sunshine. Good health. Loving parents. Friends. Tasty food. A fragrant flower. Soap and hot water. A beautiful seashell. A smile. The songs of birds. Our list could go on and on.

Jesus tells a story in the Bible of ten people who had a bad skin disease and they came to him to be healed. Jesus healed them and made them clean. Of the ten who were healed only one thought to give thanks. The Bible says that person was “glorifying God with a loud voice” (17:15) and that he lay down before Jesus and said thank you.

Remember to look around and see what gifts are there for you to enjoy. Keep a journal, with your parents or by yourself, and write down four or five things, everyday, for which you are thankful. Making a list of those gifts will bless your life. You will find that as you go through your days you will become more aware of God’s gifts and want to give thanks to The Giver.

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